We are a large joint family living in a bungalow. For the past few months, we noticed food and other items such as socks and remote controls disappearing. First, we thought that we had a ghost in the house! But we spotted rats running around the house a few times. We immediately called Max Care of India because it was impossible for us to eliminate rats from such a large space. Max Care of India has eliminated the menace. We found the remote control and socks beneath a sofa later!

Manish Patel

I have tried several pest control services before. Post the service, there would be no mosquito problem for a few weeks, but after that, mosquitoes would start breeding again. MaxCare not only got rid of the mosquitoes, but their technicians also performed a complete survey of my premises checking the common breeding places for mosquitoes. They performed disinfection of those places, and also gave us tips on how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

Sushil Jain, Navi Mumbai

We have two little kids, aged 5 and 7. Like all children, our kids, too, do not eat their food easily. We have to keep experimenting in the kitchen to give them something appealing to eat. Also, they keep creating a ruckus inside the kitchen and leave a mess. I get too tired to keep cleaning up the kitchen. So, I called the Max Care team. The household was not disturbed during their service. They did not need any supervision as well. The outcome was very satisfying. It has motivated me to come up with even more dishes for my children.

Akshata Wale

I have been calling many pest control services to get rid of the mosquito menace in my home. Max Care of India set up an appointment for the service according to my convenience. I found their technicians to be very professional and patient in answering my queries. Their spray-based treatment is very quick and effective. Keep up the good work.

Sanjay Bhoite

I do recommend Max Care of India’s mosquito control service as it is completely worth your money. They use very safe chemicals that got rid of the mosquito problem in my home premises. Plus, their technicians offer free advice on how to stop mosquito breeding around my home. Their customer support is also very professional and offered me free service.

Abhay Das, Mumbai

As I live in a family with elderly members, bed bugs were quite a concern for the safety and health of all. With professional services from Max Care, I got a sense of safety and hygiene throughout. Thanks for the relief.

Bhushan Kadam

I was struggling with bed bugs during my pregnancy and was worried about my overall health. By hiring services from Max Care of India, I was able to get rid of the bed bugs instantly. Thank You.

Rasika Jadhav

I love the deep cleaning service of the company. Their team is highly professional and skilled. Thank you so much for cleaning my kitchen and its appliances.

Sanket Bhoite

I am delighted with your services. Our house is clean, like never before. I highly recommend Max Care Deep Cleaning service.

Ajay Rathour

I am very thankful to the team of Max Care for excellent and deep cleaning of the bathrooms in my house. They used high-quality chemicals and completed the work in the given time.

Anuj Chaturvedi




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