Rats & Mice Control

Rats and mice can be a problem in urban, suburban and rural areas. They infest old buildings and crowded, unsanitary areas that exist in an urban environment. However, they can also be a problem even where newer homes and sanitary conditions exist. Since these rodents eat practically anything humans eat, they get plenty of food from home gardens, fruit or nut trees and even parts of some ornamental shrubs and flowers.

Garbage disposals also attract rats into household and street sewer lines. Rats and mice have long been a problem on farms where food is plentiful and convenient nesting sites are both numerous and hard to eliminate

Rat Guard Services

Install rat guards to prevent rodents from traveling along horizontal or vertical pipes, wires, cables And trees abutting a structure. Rodents have tendency to climb wall in search of food with the support of pipes, Basic idea of rat guard is to avoid rats to climb up walls with the support of any pipe. Rat guards are metal sheets which we fix at drainage, water and gas pipes, trees.

Chemical Solution: Applying pesticides content cake in burrows & cracks of compound area. Mechanical Control: Installation of rat guard on drainage pipes, wires to restrict climbing of rat on pipe to deny entry. Use of glue pad for indoor area to trap the rat.

Rodents Management Service

Rats, Mice, Bandicoots
No. 1 pests who spoil food right from field to dining table
Mammals who are very intelligent and highly adaptable creatures
Responsible for transmission of dreaded diseases to man
Damage to property by gnawing Rodent control

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