Bed Bugs Control

We are specialized in pro viding effective bed bugs control solutions to suit the exact requirements of the clients. Bed bugs hide & laid eggs in cracks or crevices of wood work & walls, in crevices of bed stead, on mattress, behind wall papers, in bed frames etc. They can suck blood three times more of its body weight & live more than six months without any feeding. The Female laid up to 200 to 500 eggs in the period of 2 to 3 months. One female bed bug can produce around 10000 offsprings in 3 months and one meal lasts each insect about 3 days in warm temperature but while lying dormant, Bed bugs can survive for upto a year without a meal. Effective chemicals kill bed bugs,eliminate Wood Borer,Kill Mosquitos and control them. Bed Bugs can consume about 4 times their own body weight in less than 15 minutes. We offer satisfactory Bed Bugs Control to the clients. All this makes us first choice Pest Control and Bedbugs Control Services of most of the clients.
Bed Bugs Management Services

  • Bed bug hide in corners and clothes
  • They multiple fast and in huge numbers
  • Feed on blood in nights
  • Cause huge discomfort and sleepless nights
  • Harmful to health Service mechanism
  • Through inspection of infested areas
  • Treatment offered through chemical spray of the infested areas
  • Validity – 45 days from first treatment
  • Consists of 2 service with the interval of 15 days
  • 3 Months / 6 Months / Annual Contracts Available

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